sábado, 2 de abril de 2011

Oraciones con "there is" y "there are"

*There is a ruler on the table.
*There is a bunch of bananas.
*There is much noise in the class room.
*Is there any water in the house?
*Is there any light in the house?
*There is a clok in the house
*Is there any book on the table?
*There is much smoke
*There is a apple on the table
*There is much hot
*There are two shoes thrown
*There are some apples
*Are there any stores in the city?
*There are many buildings in the eity
*There are some books on the table
*There are many chairs in the class room
*There are some orange juide
*There are four eggs
*There are many stores in the shopping center
*There are two restaurants in the shopping center

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